LAMCO "Lebanese Adhesive Marketing Company" was established in 2003. Since then, it has been expanding at a fast pace, providing its clients with high-quality products in the construction field, related to waterproofing, adhesives, painting, plumbing, construction tools and accessories.
Our dedicated sales force and professional network of dealers have gained us the trust and loyalty of clients through the years.
LAMCO’s philosophy has always been based on transparency, innovation and customer satisfaction which have assured us continuous success and long proven performance.
Our vision is to be leaders in offering premium products and services for the local and regional markets. Therefore we always aim to introduce new technologies in the fields of waterproofing and adhesives.
Since its establishment, LAMCO has been very selective in choosing its partners in order to meet and exceed its clients’ needs and expectations. We proudly represent various suppliers from different countries:

  • SAAF technologies - Banawi Group
  • Grupo Puma
  • Krypton Chemical
  • Alba Rulo
  • i-Seal